The Science of Empirology consists of two parts written in two separate books.


  1. Evolution of the living world from the perspective of the new interpretation of the geological origin of the Earth and its further development.
  2. The critical social events of early humankind’s past that played a major role in determining the future of the human society. Because of the lack of written records, these events remained a blank page in human history.
  3. Invention of money and its development from the ordinary medium of exchange to an absolute ruling power over human society, including all natural values and treasuries of Earth. 


  1. The theory of the evolution of matter from the “physical space.” By establishing the origin of the ether, which occupies empty space, the Science of Empirology, by succeeding to calculate the ether’s density, developed the Theory of  Absolute Quantity and Relative Quality.
  2. According to this theory, matter came into existence through the universal
    space contraction.
  3. Using the established space density factor, the Science of Empirology
    calculated that the universal space contraction lasted 2,048 periods
    producing a material globe of colossal proportions. The fictitious value of
    that globe’s diameter expressed in kilometers was a number five feet long   
    consisting of 12-point font digits.
  4. Division of that material globe into 2,048 suns led to the formation of the planetary systems and the formation of the present Universe.

This full book, under the title Secret of the Sun,  and the subtitle Fundamentals of the Science of Empirology, is on schedule to be published later next year.
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book Description

Money. It runs the world's economy, it determines who has power, and it rules human life. But why?  In How Did Humanity Become Enslaved to Money?, you'll be taken on a visionary journey of imagination into the annals of forgotten time, to witness the invention of money and how it forever changed the development of human society. Milan Petrovich, professor of history and physical science at Sarajevo University, witnesses the landing of a UFO in a nearby forest. He is abducted by aliens and taken on a voyage to the depths of the universe where prehistoric records, which are missing from the earthly scripture, are stored. Milan reviews these documents and is shocked to learn about the events that led to the invention of money, including an inventor's indictment and exile into the wilderness for theft and falsehood against his fellow humans. Currency as a medium of exchange seemed doomed to fail, until philosopher Statius came up with idea to preserve its usage. Follow along with Milan as he learns about Statius's brilliant and cruel plan to rule humankind, and how the repercussions of those actions continue to enslave society today.